This is the pilot project of RD Foundation under which a medical health care van visits rural areas of Rajasthan and provides medical care to underprivileged sections of the society. The mobile health van consists of a team of doctor, pharmacist, nurse and a driver. Smooth functioning of the mobile health van is ensured by a meticulous planning and through on-ground execution.
The villages, mobile health van should visit, are selected on the basis of various criterions such as their demographics, their distance and connectivity from main city and availability of medical care facilities in the village. Socio-economic strata of the village is also taken into account. After talking to the villagers and ensuring the need of mobile health van, the villagers are made aware of the time and day of the van visit.

RD Foundation team members make the villagers aware about the mobile health van services, day and time of visit by distributing pamphlets and IVR phone messages. Proper record of the number of OPD, ailments, gender wise bifurcation and medicine distribution are maintained.

The early stage treatment given through the mobile health van prevents the illness from taking any serious turn and also saves the time and money of the villager, who would otherwise have to leave compromise their daily wage to go to a nearby city for diagnosis and treatment. The mobile health van not only treats patients for their illness but also educates them to avoid illnesses and lead a healthier life. Seasonal illnesses and how to avoid them, awareness about hygiene and cleanliness is also shared with the villagers so that they can be ready and able to fight these illnesses.